Sunbathing Necessary

You might wonder why I sunbath so much and it is because I have not seen a lot of sun over the winter. I need my Vitamin D!! And on a cloudy and overcast day like today it makes me realize why….sunbathing when able is necessary!!!

Dulce sunbathing

Dulce’s Fifth Birthday Party


I turned 5 yesterday and my sister had a party for me in the Meadow. Here are all the neighbors and dogs that came out for my party. Gosh, I love parties!!!

Here is a pic of me and my Sissy!!! Aunt JoJo is smiling next to us!!

FullSizeRender 6

Here are the people attending…

Here are the doggies!!!

FullSizeRender 5


FullSizeRender 4

Princess (pic above and below)

FullSizeRender 2

Sidney & Alfie

FullSizeRender 3

Laura holding Gabby


My favorite toy from Nancy H. and the BEST bones were from Nancy C!


Here’s a better pic of it below…I just love it!!! I can’t put it down and I was so excited about it I took it to Sissy in bed this morning around 7am…She is not as excited about it as I am! Hmmmm….


What a great party!

Thanks for coming!!!!


dog paw

Paul from Paris

Many years ago, my sister, Erin lived in Paris. She was enrolled in a French school there. I am not sure she learned much because every now and then she speaks in French and between us….she’s not very good! But she tries….When she lived there she became good friends with an American she met at school named Paul. He had a dog that she loved. She took pics of them in front of Notre Dame and thought that was the best trained dog. He would stroll along the Seine unleashed. He was just that good! However, I think seeing Paul and his pooch is what made Sissy want a dog! Thank you Paul. I finally got to thank him for inspiring her to get a dog and giving me a home with a bit of French food in it. He came to visit us. Her is a pic of me and Sissy’s Parisian friend, Paul.




Hi Friends!

I have had a super busy holiday season!

We had a warm spell so I needed to be in the sun on the balcony to soak up the rays!!!


Then before I knew it…it was heading toward Christmas and I had to eat a dog bone daily for 25 days…something called a Doggy Advent calendar. People would sing to me, ring the bell and give me a bone. I love this season!!!


Then I was given this rawhide-like strip and I was scared that when Sissy wanted a snack she would eat it…so I buried it in her plant.


I was scared that one night if it came to a bowl of Graeter’s ice cream or my bone she would eat my bone so I UNBURIED it.


and took it outside and buried it by the dog run…I decided that I didn’t trust the dogs so I dug it up and decided Sissy would be more UNLIKELY to eat it than the other dogs…I guess Sissy could tell I was digging in the mud. Not sure what gave me away….


One night we went with Aunt Viv to see Christmas lights. I sat in her lap the whole time.


Then I went with my babysitter/friend Caitlin, and my Aunts Shirley and Viv to the Dog Parade in Mt. Adams. I dressed up as a Christmas stocking. I put it over my coat because it was cold outside. I also wore my reindeer ears with it…


My Aunt Jo was giving ALL these dog toys: Champagne, boot, bear rug to her granddog. I am jealous. In the background is my door person/friend Vellicia. She’s nice.


This hot dog I know named Crosby. (He’s young. He’s my boy toy.)He came to stay with us for a week. I had to smell him and make sure he was okay. I sniffed him. He sniffed Sissy. Who did Sissy sniff?


We took long walks together and we played together in the Meadow.


I would chase him…..


Then he would chase me….


Someone said we are like cocoa and marshmallows together. Great combo! I like it!!!

He went home…I miss him…but I am exhausted…so now I rest…


And rest some more….


Happy New Year!!!

dog pawDulce

Cubs v. Indians Game 7 is a Doggy Legbiter

Well, Sissy comes home from a long trip! She tells me she is so psyched to see me! And she is glued to this baseball game! She said there is no one on the planet she rather watch the final game of the World Series with more than me!

She has been screaming and hollering and let me tell you…all those fans are biting their nails and it has me biting my leg! It is a LEG BITER!!!


Maybe I should bow my head and pray for the win! Not a religious pooch, but it can’t hurt!


By the way…we may live in Ohio and we are Cincinnati Reds fans, but tonight…we are CHICAGO CUB fans!!!

CONGRATS TO THE CHICAGO CUBS!!! Great win! You finally broke the 108 year curse!!

Late night…..Now, I can go to bed…



Dulce & The Spooky Pooches


So…apparently in this little town called Glendale they begin their Halloween celebration a bit early…and so glad they do, since Sissy will be out of town for the “true” Halloween.

Well…you have to check this out and ALL the dog costumes….how fun is this????!!!

AND the best part is Wyoming Vet gave this TOTALLY rocking doggy bag!!! Leash and treats and I don’t remember anything after the treats, but Sissy was certainly impressed!!!

Oh and also….I got a FREE pedicure. Well, Sissy called it a pedicure…I called it a torture chamber…some lady offered to trim my nails. Sissy thought I would love having my nails done. She may. I don’t…but they look great!

Enjoy the pics…..


There was a HUGE blow up dog…the kid next to it shows the scale of the thing…MASSIVE!!


There was a booth where you could get pics taken of your pooch…this was on the website for the event. These pics may have been from last year, because I didn’t see them this year…but who knows!!!


There was a dog that was tie dyed and looked a bit like Jerry Garcia or one of mom’s or Sissy’s t-shirts.


There was a dog that looked like a chia pet….that you see on tv.


A Dalmation dressed up like a zebra. What a hoot!


A dog that was dressed up like Wonder Woman…


It was just a ball. I just love being around all those dogs!!!

And then there was me in my pumpkin outfit….oh crap! Sissy can’t find an old pic of me in my pumpkin outfit…she is going to make me put it back on so she can take a pic. I must go hide…and she found me!


Well, have a great day!!!!




Fountain Fun

Do I have to get out?

It is so bloody hot outside.

All the other dogs get in here.

I have seen them in here.

Please, can I stay???

Pretty please with sugar on top and whipped cream and a doggy biscuit?